Business Intelligence Consulting

DataLabs delivers fast implementation of solutions for information management using QlikView, Qlik Sense, Tableau, Logi Analytics and other BI frameworks. As a result, your company will benefit greatly from interactive dashboards and reports that actually allow you to analyze your data.

Reporting Solutions

We offer such trusted reporting solutions as NPrinting, Logi Scheduled Reporting, Tableau as well as many others. You can always work with current figures and be sure your generated reports are consistently up-to-date. With these solutions, outdated, time consuming reports are a thing of the past.

Full-scope Support Cycle

If you choose DataLabs services, you get both full development cycle and full-scope support cycle for all the operations and servers’ administration. We know how and are ready to implement for you CI/CD pipelines, architect and develop databases, implement version control and much more.


  • Qlik makes cloud analytics more accessible to every customer
    Qlik makes cloud analytics more accessible to every customer
    Qlik announced new packaging and adoption programs that will make cloud-based analytics simpler adapt. The programs comprise new packaging of Qlik Sense Enterprise with SaaS only and Client-Managed options. QlikView customers can also adopt Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS and host their QlikView documents in the cloud....
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  • DataLabs team stays at home
    DataLabs team stays at home
    We have over five years of remote work experience providing services to clients from Australia to the West Coast. Usually we worked from our offices, however, coronavirus significantly affects even remote teams, forcing them to adapt and change established processes. So a month ago we started working from our homes....
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  • Qlik becomes a part of Snowflake Partner Connect Program
    Qlik becomes a part of Snowflake Partner Connect Program
    Qlik partnered with Snowflake, a cloud data warehouse. The partnership involves Qlik’s integration with the Snowflake Partner Connect program which will provide Snowflake customers with a two-week free trial to fully experience Qlik’s first-class data integration software....
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DataLabs is your trusted provider of visualization solutions and technology services

We work as a data powerhouse to supply our customers’ business intelligence departments with BI and data visualization solutions, working capacities and niche expertise. DataLabs examines every business need of our customers carefully and addresses them using our BI and data-modeling expertise. Rest assured: we never underestimate quality, and work exclusively with industry-trusted technologies like Qlik, Logi Analytics and Tableau. Contact us to get more information on how we can assist you with data-related solutions and services.

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