DataLabs meetup

DataLabs team gathers in Dnipro to hang out and have fun!

In August it was decided to organize a week-long business trip from Kyiv to Dnipro for the Litvinchuk brothers, who work for DataLabs remotely. On the 30th of September, we were finally meeting Danylo and Yevhen in the office. The following week was productive and fun as we took breaks during a workday to play cards and board games and, of course, to plank!

Nothing relieves the strain of the excruciating exercise better than Danylo’s signature jokes that we had a chance to appreciate in real life.

The week culminated in a shared trip to the laser tag club on Friday. Even though it was coming down the whole day, everyone’s mood was elevated as we were excited to unwind after a busy day.

The game itself comprised 4 levels, 15 minutes each, having a different goal. We were divided into two teams and competed against each other. Although there was a slight gap in performance between the teams, everyone still enjoyed themselves.

By the time we finished playing, the rain had let up, and we headed to a nearby Georgian restaurant. The food was delicious and the atmosphere friendly. It was a perfect end to the good evening, and we look forward to future meetups.

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