DataLabs successfully integrated Ringers Gloves data into the global financial and analytical Ansell Healthcare system

DataLabs is developing analytic applications for international corporation Ansell Healthcare for three years already. Ansell is a world leader in manufacturing and distribution of protective gloves for the industrial and healthcare purposes.

On February 1st the corporation announced acquisition of a Huston-based company Ringers Gloves that specializes in producing impact resistant gloves for the oil and gas industry as well as general purposes. For over 20 years of its existence, Ringers proved to be a provider of top-quality production based on customers’ needs. Thus, Ansell, having sold the condom division in 2017, is aiming to strengthen their leadership in a sphere of industrial safety equipment and help newly acquired subsidiary grow and develop.

Our team took an active part in the acquisition process, shouldering integration of Ringers Gloves data into the global informational network of Ansell Healthcare. We managed the whole procedure of transformation and incorporation of their NetSuite data into unified Qlik-based Global Informational System of Ansell Healthcare. Such integrations are useful during the acquisitions. They don’t require neither process changes nor internal data infrastructure changes in the acquired companies but bring in the needed data to the C-level of the corporation so that they could make business decisions even faster.

The Texas company is a unique investment for Ansell, since in addition to production, they also distribute their goods via E-commerce. Although organizing and systematization of data of such enterprises is a difficult task, our experts successfully completed it and will continue assisting Ansell Healthcare and its affiliated companies.

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