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The role of data analysts is growing


Data analysts play more relevance role in data management. Usually, analysts represent either separate specialist’s team or individual specialists in organization’s department. They know SQL that is used for data management from a storage, also they can know Phyton. But analysts are not engineers, they are responsible for a processing the last section of the data pipeline.

Now with the help of modern tools analysts have a possibility to go further into the engineers’ territory. For example: to process transformations using own SQL knowledge.

This option gave an opportunity to exhale a little bit. Data processing engineers are rarely met and consequently their price is too high. But the analysts’ market is many times bigger, moreover it’s easier to teach them and their price tag is much lower.

Additionally, new start-ups orient towards analysts specifically. They create modern tools that help to extract and analyze information.

Start-up companies like Susu, Outlier, Anodot create KPI tools that dealing with data warehouse analyzing and extracting of specific information about some rates and errors discovery.

Also, there appear tools that allow to integrate data and analytics directly to the application. The remarkable example is Census that creates track from the data warehouse to the application.

All of this promote wider integration of Business Intelligence in enterprises. But currently this tool is still unutilized by enterprises depriving analysts of more opportunities.

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