DataLabs is expanding!

We’re eager to announce that due to the company’s growth, DataLabs has moved its headquarters into a larger office space. Now you can find us on Sviatoslava Khorobroho street, 12, office 615.

We’ve spent 2 productive years at our old office on Heroiv Krut street, 14, but now that the company and our team have grown it’s time to move on.

Our new state-of-the-art workplace is situated right in the center of the city, and the view out of the 6th story windows is gorgeous.

The first objective was to make our new place cozier and greener, so we filled it with plenty of houseplants.

In this stressful day and age, modern offices must have a space where employees can recharge. It boosts the team’s morale and makes people happier and more focused. Within our new roomy headquarters, we made the breakout area even more welcoming so that everyone can take a break and relax.

We’re thankful to our clients and partners for continuous support. Our new office space will help us accommodate the customers’ needs better and expand the company further.

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