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We craft beautiful work using the latest technology and solve business problems that lead to satisfaction not just for our customers — but for the design team as well. From developing a BI solution that provides impactful business value, to producing a critical sales presentation on a tight timeline, we bring together gifted engineers to deliver solutions that actually matter.

In addition to the satisfaction of a job well done for industry-leading clients, we offer a range of benefits for full-time employees and a professional development program.

DataLabs is looking for Big Data Engineer
Full employment

  • Research, design and development of appropriate algorithms for collecting, processing and analyzing extensive data;
  • Tools and platforms integration for working with Big Data;
  • Identification of external and internal Big Data sources for analytical work;
  • Obtaining, processing large data amounts from heterogeneous data sources, developing methods and regulations for the necessary ETL processes;
  • Development of a scalable and reliable data processing infrastructure to meet the needs;
  • Identifying and developing selective data pipelines to reconcile disparate data sources;
  • Data processing structure development for receiving, cleaning, reconciling and storing processed data in a data lake or data warehouse;
  • Data quality problems identification and elimination;
  • Platform development to automate code deployment and integration;
  • High-quality code and libraries development;
  • CI/CD pipelines and version control environment development;
  • Necessary analytical Big Data reports, cuts and aggregates development;
  • Data lifecycle management (processes of obtaining, placing, storing, distributing, migrating, archiving and deleting extensive data);
  • High level goals transformation into achievable, testable and measurable functional specifications;
  • Development of solutions that meet security and data management policies;
  • Providing access to data;
  • Anomaly detection and auditing, performance monitoring.

  • Expertise in Big Data;
  • Expertise in programming languages (SQL, Java, Python, Scala, Shell, etc.);
  • Expert knowledge and understanding of technologies (Spark, Databricks, etc.);
  • Expertise in building data warehouses and data mining, processing and transformation processes;
  • Expertise in data modeling and data analysis;
  • Expertise in integrating data of different formats and from several sources;
  • Expertise in databases (Postgres, MongoDB, etc.);
  • Data management tools (Apache, etc.);
  • English - Intermediate and above;
  • Expert knowledge of Agile/Scrum and project management principles (will be benefit);
  • High motivation;
  • Strong communication and teamwork skills
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