Our mission

Help your company turn data into actions

DataLabs is a consulting company that provides BI-based solutions for successful business management.

We are developing integrated solutions for the extraction, analysis, cleansing and visualization of large volumes of data from various sources. Unlocking the full potential of clients’ data, we make it flexible and dynamic, therefore turning it into valuable information.

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Our people

Our team of certified employees has extensive experience in implementing solutions for various business sectors, such as logistics management, personnel management, sales, finance, etc.

“The results of this collaboration are high-quality. DataLabs acts as an external development arm, and they work within the U.S. workday for better overlap. They are flexible and honest, and they operate with a high level of integrity.”

Clients we've served

and other companies which prefer to stay private.

Your investments will begin to pay off even before the entire system is fully brought to life. With our help business users can freely control their data during the process of the system implementation.

We have deep understanding of business processes, the ability to foresee potential wishes of users and future prospects of developing the system. In this way, we ensure successful implementation of solutions that will help you achieve your business goals.

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