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DataLabs team stays at home

We have over five years of remote work experience providing services to clients from Australia to the West Coast. But usually we worked from our offices, where it is very convenient to sit next to each other and deal with important issues together or chat over a cup of coffee somewhere by a kitchenette.

However, coronavirus significantly affects even remote teams, forcing them to adapt and change established processes.

It has been over a month since we started working from our homes. Now our workday begins with a cup of coffee and conversations via Microsoft Teams during which we chat, joke around and discuss the latest news. On SharePoint and in Confluence, we have common spaces for working with documentation. Most work-related topics are discussed during an audio and video meetings in Teams. Shared workspace is on virtual servers in data centers.

We are working to provide the business with much-needed analytics, help keep abreast of current events and make informed and quick decisions.

And most importantly, we stay at home today and continue to work hard to support our heroes at the forefront of the fight against both coronavirus and Russian aggression.

Together We Will Win!


Happy 2020! DataLabs team celebrated New Year's Eve

2020 is already here, and DataLabs team had a great time welcoming it!

Although the weather wasn’t festive at all, we couldn’t help but feel the holiday spirit. After all, we had put some work in adorning our office and decorating the Christmas tree, so everyone was thoroughly excited when the long-awaited day finally came.

It was a late Friday afternoon when we left the office building and headed to a restaurant. It was a lovely place with a tasteful exterior and a relaxed, cozy ambiance.

First, we were served delicious canapés and an exquisite cheese plate. Next, the salads arrived. There was a beef salad, a seafood salad, and a peculiar grapefruit salad with feta and avocado. We also ordered potato wedges and a tasty grilled meat platter.

After the main course, we decided to take some photos since the restaurant offered a few nice backgrounds.

We even briefly revived our inner child by taking pictures in a vacant children’s room!

While eating dessert, we agreed on going to the central ice rink next. No matter how far from Christmassy the weather can be, the Dnipro’s central ice rink will fill anyone with the festive spirit. Brightly lit with yellow Christmas lights, it’s situated right across the magnificent Christmas tree.

There were lots of people that evening, and the area was buzzing with excitement, laughter, and joy. It was so contagious that even those of us who didn’t know how to skate decided to join in. With some teamwork, we all had fun and learned something new!

The finishing touch to the amazing evening was a nice stroll through the central park, which is exceptionally beautiful around this time of year.

2019 was wonderful, and we can’t wait to see what heights our company will reach in 2020.

Season’s greetings and Happy New Year to everyone!

DataLabs celebrates Halloween!

What a ghastly evening!

DataLabs celebrates Halloween, the spookiest day of the year! We bought pumpkins, decorations, and sweets and had a terrific time.

We decorated the office with paper lanterns, flameless candles, stretchable spider webs, balloons, and spooky wall decals.We also cut out various ghosts, skulls, and bats and made our own little stickers.

The snack zone is adorned with a bright handmade pumpkin garland.

There were some scary costumes as well. Upon entering the office, one could meet a hideous witch, a pirate, a goth clown, and more!

When it started to get dark, we put on creepy music and began carving up the pumpkins. Most of us hadn’t had prior experience but, thankfully, Lena Lieshchynska gave a masterclass and helped those who had trouble handling a knife.

In the end, we made a terrible mess but the jack o’lanterns turned out to be great, so it was worth it.

After voting for the best jack o’lantern, we rewarded the winners with delicious and frightening gummy spiders.

DataLabs meetup

DataLabs team gathers in Dnipro to hang out and have fun!

In August it was decided to organize a week-long business trip from Kyiv to Dnipro for the Litvinchuk brothers, who work for DataLabs remotely. On the 30th of September, we were finally meeting Danylo and Yevhen in the office. The following week was productive and fun as we took breaks during a workday to play cards and board games and, of course, to plank!

Nothing relieves the strain of the excruciating exercise better than Danylo’s signature jokes that we had a chance to appreciate in real life.

The week culminated in a shared trip to the laser tag club on Friday. Even though it was coming down the whole day, everyone’s mood was elevated as we were excited to unwind after a busy day.

The game itself comprised 4 levels, 15 minutes each, having a different goal. We were divided into two teams and competed against each other. Although there was a slight gap in performance between the teams, everyone still enjoyed themselves.

By the time we finished playing, the rain had let up, and we headed to a nearby Georgian restaurant. The food was delicious and the atmosphere friendly. It was a perfect end to the good evening, and we look forward to future meetups.

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