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Qlik makes cloud analytics more accessible to every customer

Qlik announced new packaging and adoption programs that will give customers more options and make cloud-based analytics simpler and more cost-effective to adapt. These programs comprise new packaging of Qlik Sense Enterprise with SaaS only as well as Client-Managed options. Additionally, QlikView customers can easily adopt Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS and host their QlikView documents in the cloud at the same time.

James Fisher, the Chief Product Officer of Qlik stated, “Customers are eager to leverage the scale and cost efficiencies of analytics in the cloud, and at the same time leverage augmented and actionable analytics to turn insights into action.” He added that with their latest Qlik Sense offering and new Analytics Modernization Program “it’s easier than ever for every Qlik customer to adopt and leverage cloud-based analytics and benefit from new AI and cognitive technologies across their entire organization.”

In the second quarter of 2020, Qlik customers will be able to coordinate the deployment of Qlik analytics with their IT strategies more effectively via two options, SaaS or Client-Managed. Those who choose Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS will reduce management issues and minimize infrastructure costs by deploying exclusively in Qlik’s cloud. Meanwhile, customers who go for Qlik Sense Enterprise Client-Managed can deploy either on-premise or in a private cloud depending on their governance or data requirements. They can also license both and make the most of Qlik’s unique multi-cloud architecture.

Qlik’s Analytics Modernization Program will further provide QlikView customers with expanded flexibility and choice. It allows them to adopt Qlik Sense steadily, at their own pace without disruption to existing QlikView operations.

Steph Robinson, Qlik Manager Business Intelligence IT at JBS USA said, “We’re excited about the growing adoption of analytics we’re seeing in our employee base with Qlik Sense”. He noted they continue to leverage QlikView apps that have been already created but also give their developers an opportunity to adopt Qlik Sense at their own pace. “Being able to leverage our existing QlikView apps, while also extending analytics capabilities through Qlik Sense, has accelerated our journey to modern BI and is helping our organization become more data-driven”.

The Analytics Modernization Program opens up the following possibilities for QlikView users:

Doug Henschen, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research pointed out, “As organizations increasingly migrate applications and data to the cloud, they look to maximize the value of that data to drive strategic advantage.” He continued saying that “by providing these new options to move analytical workloads to the cloud as quickly and easily as possible, Qlik is responding to growing customer expectations and where we see the industry headed.”

Other exciting developments Qlik Sense customers should look forward to are various new features in the April Qlik Sense release that will help them broaden analytics adoption through the cloud. Among new elements, there will be new visualization and dashboarding enhancements, the ability to share charts, notifications within the management console, and improved data file management and data connections for data flow into individual Qlik Sense workflows.

BARC named Qlik a BI industry leader

The BARC annual report showed that Qlik continues to maintain and gain leadership in many categories.

Each year, BARC experts prepare reports reviewing prominent software. For BI programs users, the analysis of such solutions is the most authoritative and extensive. As before, Qlik solutions have been named one of the best.

Out of 36 products produced by large BI providers, QlikSense is among the leaders in 24 categories and is the front-runner in the other two. Some of these categories include the following:

QlikView takes a leading position in 13 categories and is the number one in the other three. Some of the categories are listed below:

About BARC

BARC (The Business Application Research Center) is an analytical and consulting company that specializes in business applications, specifically, solutions for business analysis, data management, CRM and ERP.

Twenty years of experience in doing researches and creating reports allowed the company to gain deep knowledge of BI software and its suppliers as well as develop the ability to recognize the latest trends in the market.

The combination of Swedish innovation and Ukrainian reliability

When two successful companies begin cooperation, get ready to hear about new ambitious projects!

In 2018, the consulting company DataLabs became an official partner of the leader in the market of visual analytics Qlik. Founded in 1993 in Sweden, Qlik® is an intuitive platform solution for independent visualization, creation of controllable analytic applications, embedded analytics and report generation, which is used by more than 45,000 customers worldwide.

Now companies from all over the world will be able to benefit from cooperation with us, choosing the best products for themselves.

One of them is QlikView, which is a modern analytical platform used to perform multivariate analysis. Applications developed on this platform for business intelligence, allow you to make quick and accurate decisions.

Advantages of QlikView:

Qlik Sense®, a revolutionary software that allows you to independently create applications for visualization and in-depth analysis, will perfectly cope with the task of creating a visual picture of your data. Qlik Sense® provides the ability to instantly identify connections between data and analyze it from all sides.

Do you want to regularly create and send reports without too much effort? NPrinting will effectively help you with this, saving your time and resources. This platform will allow you to create reports based on your data in various formats (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, etc.) with the press of a single button or on a schedule.

The one who possesses information rules the world. We will transform the data into an understandable form and provide it to you so that you achieve the most daring goals!

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