DataLabs team stays at home

We have over five years of remote work experience providing services to clients from Australia to the West Coast. But usually we worked from our offices, where it is very convenient to sit next to each other and deal with important issues together or chat over a cup of coffee somewhere by a kitchenette.

However, coronavirus significantly affects even remote teams, forcing them to adapt and change established processes.

It has been over a month since we started working from our homes. Now our workday begins with a cup of coffee and conversations via Microsoft Teams during which we chat, joke around and discuss the latest news. On SharePoint and in Confluence, we have common spaces for working with documentation. Most work-related topics are discussed during an audio and video meetings in Teams. Shared workspace is on virtual servers in data centers.

We are working to provide the business with much-needed analytics, help keep abreast of current events and make informed and quick decisions.

And most importantly, we stay at home today and continue to work hard to support our heroes at the forefront of the fight against both coronavirus and Russian aggression.

Together We Will Win!


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