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Custom Reports Generation and Emailing

Custom Reports Generation and Emailing is DataLabs’ free alternative solution to a separate paid Qlik product, Qlik Nprinting.

Combining Qlik tools with our knowledge of scripting language, we created a system that automatically generates CSV and PDF reports based on Qlik capabilities. Furthermore, DataLabs provides you with the ability to customize these reports to suit any needs of your organization.

But what’s the use of the automatically generated reports if you can’t send them to anyone? If you choose our solution, you don’t have to worry about that. Thanks to the flexible configuration system, the user is fully in control of what reports they want to send and to whom.

Other companies spend a lot of time manually generating, customizing, and emailing their reports. But with our free and practical service, you only need to adjust settings, and the system will do everything for you.

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