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Extensions Development

DataLabs develops all sorts of extensions to meet our customers’ diverse needs. We’ve already developed several Qlik extensions that speed up and streamline users’ workflow.

First, we have a menu extension that lets the user navigate the program easily.

Next, we developed an extension for optimizing workspace in Qlik. ‘Slider Filters’ introduces the ability to hide and show certain objects. By clicking on one of the Slider Filters items, you’ll see a Qlik object and a corresponding set of filters that will be changing every time you pick an item from the list box.

In addition, DataLabs developed several extensions for information specification. They take data from an external source like MongoDB allowing you to explore it from every angle.

Lastly, we created a crucial extension for the online support of our customers. It activates a chat window where a user can ask any question and receive a thorough answer from our experts.

You can choose one of our existing solutions or have an extension tailored to your company’s needs. In either case, we’ll do our best to meet and exceed your expectations.

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