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Retainer Agreements

Here at DataLabs, we offer retainer contracts that cover all the above-mentioned services.

A retainer is an agreement where, for a fixed fee paid in advance, you benefit from our services each month for a whole year.  Unlike project-based work where every step is planned down to the last detail, the retainer is a perfect solution when the only things set in stone are the goal and the budget. Such cases demand a number of different projects, services, and skills, all of which can be secured with a single retainer contract.

To avoid misunderstandings and assure you your money doesn’t go to waste, we establish the amount of work we’re willing to undertake and a milestone we commit to reaching each month. This way, you can see constant improvement and be sure that by the end of the contract, you either fulfill your objective or get closer to it.

If along the way some additional work appears, you don’t have to worry about looking for another agency to tie up loose ends.

Thanks to slack contracts, a variation of a retainer agreement but with less rigid deadlines, we provide a long-term execution of various small tasks that inevitably arise during the fulfillment of a big project.

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