QlikView Implementation Services

DataLabs provides a full set of QlikView implementation services. It comprises development, design and operational support.

QlikView is one of the most lauded analytic solutions in the world. It consolidates data from various resources into a single easy-to-use application that will give immediate answers to any inquiry you make. More than 48 000 organizations worldwide rely on Qlik products. Their users turn data into valuable knowledge and reach decisions faster and more efficiently.

DataLabs is one of these companies. We have helped a large number of clients to implement QlikView quickly and in the best way possible. The excellent technical execution of our customer projects is extremely important to us. It contributes to the customer experience and is essential for a successful project and a satisfied client. Therefore, we do our best to maintain and improve the quality of our services.

Qlik Sense Implementation Services

If you’re looking for a modern self-service analytics tool, Qlik Sense is your pick.

Qlik Sense is a flexible and intuitive BI solution, designed for a full spectrum of users. It doesn’t matter if you’re an average non-tech savvy user or a seasoned data expert. The platform has a smart search system, drag & drop interface, and drill-down capabilities. Therefore, creating interactive visualizations becomes fun and productive experience!

Here at DataLabs, we go above and beyond to secure and enhance this experience. Our team of certified developers will conduct all stages of implementation. First, we’ll professionally integrate the tool into your system. Next, we’ll support it by administrating Qlik Sense server and ensuring that everything works properly. Finally, we’ll develop applications and extensions so that you can make business decisions even faster.

QlikView / Qlik Sense App Development

DataLabs offers a broad range of services for the development of applications based on Qlik platform. We also develop solutions that will vastly improve your workflow both in QlikView and Qlik Sense.

We manage full-cycle development of:

  • applications that perform data extraction (Extractors),
  • applications that create data models (Datamodels),
  • applications that display generated reports (Front-ends).

Our experts can also optimize your data model. As a result, you’ll get consistent, high-quality performance out of your programs. Equally, DataLabs will help your organization with Front-End development and optimization.

You want to create QlikView and Qlik Sense visualizations on your own terms? Then our developers will assist you in fulfilling your vision by developing extensions.

Last but not least, we provide Qlik server administration to ensure you have the best experience working with Qlik products.

Qlik NPrinting Services

Qlik NPrinting is Qlik’s recent automated reporting solution for QlikView and Qlik Sense. It allows organizations to create insightful reports using QlikView and Qlik Sense data. Then users can distribute them in widespread formats like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Qlik Nprinting has the responsive web-client and simple yet effective built-in editing tools. With that, creating advanced custom reports has never been easier! What’s more, you can share your reports through various channels like e-mail or Web.

DataLabs offers services that optimize the process of developing and sharing Nprinting reports. We provide support to ensure the software works smoothly. Additionally, we take up administration of the Qlik NPrinting server. Apart from that, we can develop clear and informative reports for your company.

DataLabs will turn a huge volume of data into a neat report that you can share within your organization and beyond.

Logi Analytics Services and Development

Logi Analytics is a leading web-based BI platform. It facilitates exploration of data and integration of analytics into corporate applications.

DataLabs offers a full range of services to improve your workflow in Logi analytics. We design a database architecture and provide full-cycle development of Logi Analytics’ front-end. We also develop visual interfaces that enliven customers’ data. Entrust your data to us and choose what you want to get in return: a front-end report, a scheduled report, a dashboard or any other visualization.

We’ve gained the experience and trust of our customers and partners solving plenty of tasks. Our team developed new components based on the existing ones and produced uniquely customized charts. We created tables with extended functionality and tracked users’ activity. On top of that, our specialists can implement into your software the ability to save and email scheduled reports.

The success of your business is our highest priority. That’s why we constantly broaden our expertise to guarantee it.

Tableau Services and Development

Fitted with handy analytics features and flexible customizations, Tableau won’t let you down in the face of any BI challenge. What’s more, in our experienced hands, it can become another valuable employee! We’ll develop and optimize the entire BI foundation and help you produce custom dashboards. With them, you can make straightforward decisions based solely on facts.

DataLabs will provide you with all the ingredients for your Recipe of Success. We offer Tableau services that will turn your data into an indispensable source of information. They include:

  • Development of custom queries and extensions.
  • Creation of full-fledged interactive dashboards.
  • Consolidation of data from various sources for high-performance data marts.
  • Development of a collaborative BI environment.

All this is to make your business decisions even more intuitive and effective.

Custom Reports Generation and Emailing

Custom Reports Generation and Emailing is DataLabs’ free alternative solution to a separate paid Qlik product, Qlik Nprinting.

Combining Qlik tools with our knowledge of scripting language, we created a system that automatically generates CSV and PDF reports based on Qlik capabilities. Furthermore, DataLabs provides you with the ability to customize these reports to suit any needs of your organization.

But what’s the use of the automatically generated reports if you can’t send them to anyone? If you choose our solution, you don’t have to worry about that. Thanks to the flexible configuration system, the user is fully in control of what reports they want to send and to whom.

Other companies spend a lot of time manually generating, customizing, and emailing their reports. But with our free and practical service, you only need to adjust settings, and the system will do everything for you.

Extensions Development

DataLabs develops all sorts of extensions to meet our customers’ diverse needs. We’ve already developed several Qlik extensions that speed up and streamline users’ workflow.

First, we have a menu extension that lets the user navigate the program easily.

Next, we developed an extension for optimizing workspace in Qlik. ‘Slider Filters’ introduces the ability to hide and show certain objects. By clicking on one of the Slider Filters items, you’ll see a Qlik object and a corresponding set of filters that will be changing every time you pick an item from the list box.

In addition, DataLabs developed several extensions for information specification. They take data from an external source like MongoDB allowing you to explore it from every angle.

Lastly, we created a crucial extension for the online support of our customers. It activates a chat window where a user can ask any question and receive a thorough answer from our experts.

You can choose one of our existing solutions or have an extension tailored to your company’s needs. In either case, we’ll do our best to meet and exceed your expectations.

Retainer Agreements

Here at DataLabs, we offer retainer contracts that cover all the above-mentioned services.

A retainer is an agreement where, for a fixed fee paid in advance, you benefit from our services each month for a whole year.  Unlike project-based work where every step is planned down to the last detail, the retainer is a perfect solution when the only things set in stone are the goal and the budget. Such cases demand a number of different projects, services, and skills, all of which can be secured with a single retainer contract.   

To avoid misunderstandings and assure you your money doesn’t go to waste, we establish the amount of work we’re willing to undertake and a milestone we commit to reaching each month. This way, you can see constant improvement and be sure that by the end of the contract, you either fulfill your objective or get closer to it.

If along the way some additional work appears, you don’t have to worry about looking for another agency to tie up loose ends.

Thanks to slack contracts, a variation of a retainer agreement but with less rigid deadlines, we provide a long-term execution of various small tasks that inevitably arise during the fulfillment of a big project.