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Qlik analytics for sales optimization

Modern business is developing in an era of high competition. To be successful companies need more than just data – they need a clear understanding of reality. Qlik Analytics provides this capability, and as a result, it becomes possible to increase productivity, revenue and reduce risks.

The result of improper planning is the inability to achieve the set goals. There are 2 main reasons for planning inaccuracies: lack of data and limited analytical capabilities. To make a high-quality forecast of sales, sales specialists need to see the entire sales cycle (from proposal to completing transaction). Qlik provides analysis of historical and current data, trends and behavior patterns for effective planning and forecasting. With the help of this tool, sales specialists also have the opportunity to investigate in detail previously hidden sales data.

Enterprise CRM capabilities are not always capable of meeting all needs. Effective analytics involves more than simple reports and limited historical data. Qlik allows to fully explore all CRM data, combine data on sales, marketing, finance to identify effective promotion channels, sales representatives, customers, targeted products or services. Detailed analysis of information allows to uncover key business prospects. In addition, Qlik’s dynamic analytics capabilities you to explore CRM data in any direction, answer any questions and find new solutions and ideas.

Qlik allows to:

The company success largely depends on the level of customer satisfaction. An important component of the entire sales process is the quality of customer service. Given the dynamic development of the market and high competition, it is necessary to pay due attention to this. Qlik Analytics brings together all customer data and feedback to understand customer needs, prioritize, proactively manage and improve customer experience.

DataLabs is a Qlik Certified Partner. A high level of team competence and an individual approach allows us to find a solution in any situation. You can get additional information on the project by filling out the form at the link

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