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Dashboards in Executives' work


Executive dashboards are designed for company’s top management and display data on all key performance indicators (KPIs). Modern dashboards collect data from all departments of the company for detailed research and analysis. So, leaders can make decisions based on data, and thereby increase productivity, revenue and reduce risks.

CEO dashboard

To be successful, it is important for the CEO to have quick access to all data. This can be done using BI tools such as dashboards. With this tool, the CEO has the ability to view, explore and analyze relationships and real-time data collected from all data sources. Thus, the manager gets a complete picture of the current situation.

COO dashboard

It is important for the COO to organize effective revenue and profit management as well as reduce risks. The dashboard is one of the main tools for visualizing and exploring the relationships between data sources, that contributes to effective management. The dashboard also helps to manage end-to-end processes, explore them and determine where operational intervention is required for improvement.

CMO dashboard

The task of the marketing manager is to optimize the work at each stage of the customer’s life cycle. With the help of the dashboard the manager has the ability to effectively measure the return on investment in marketing, implement changes, and respond to market conditions and their changes. A dashboard displays KPIs across the entire marketing funnel in real time, the effectiveness of marketing initiatives, that allows to identify the opportunity, existing and potential problems.

CFO dashboard

CFOs work with vast amounts of transactional data from disparate systems. To analyze them, they need an effective tool. The dashboard provides summaries of exceptional data and information across all finance departments. With the help of financial analytics, managers can detail and explore data on expenses, cost centers, and purchases. This allows to know the true cost of running a business, compare costs across departments, evaluate costs, and find new ways to increase profits.

CII/CTO dashboard

The dashboard helps executives optimize budget and forecast to better manage technology asset lifecycle costs, detail development costs, efficiency, employee engagement, discover underutilized systems and applications, improve scalability, identify technology needs, and more.

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