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Qlik Active Intelligence Platform


Over the past few years, businesses have received many useful tools designed to simplify and focus the workflow, as well as improve business performance. Among the available tools for working with data (for example, BI platforms). Data provides transparent answers to questions that allow to quickly respond to the situation and make business decisions.

Competitive ability requires real-time responsiveness. The faster an organization responds to events, the better it can compete. To do this, it is necessary to provide the system and users with constantly updated information in real time for making decisions «here and now». This is what offers Qlik Active Intelligence Platform.

Getting information that reflects the current moment is critical to business. Traditional business intelligence relies on historical datasets and is not designed to support real-time decision making and action.

Active Intelligence is a new solution that provides instant visibility into all aspects of a company. The tool provides continuous analytics based on up-to-date information in real time to determine the next steps.

Key features of Active Intelligence:

How Active Intelligence works:

DataLabs is a Qlik Certified Partner. A high level of team competence and an individual approach allows to find a solution in any situation. You can get additional information by filling out the form at the link

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