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Qlik and Google Cloud Platform


Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a set of cloud computing services that provides the ability to work with a variety of computing and hosting tools.

What role does Qlik play here?

Qlik solutions significantly speed up data replication, processing and streaming processes for all databases, warehouses and data lakes to the Google platform.

Data replication

Qlik Replicate is the foundation for efficient data pipelines in GCP, moving data continuously and at high speed from source to the aim point. Agentless configuration makes it easy to configure, monitor and track downloads and updates in real time using Qlik’s modified data capture technology.

Qlik Replicate allows to:

Data warehouse automation

Qlik Compose automates the design, implementation and updating of data warehouses and data marts. The tool automates data modeling, ETL code generation, and workflow while minimizing manual work and errors during modeling and model deployment in Google BigQuery. With the help of Qlik Compose, it is possible to significantly speed up the execution of cloud analytics projects, optimize data warehouse processes, and reduce the time spent on creating analytical data.

DataLabs is a Qlik Certified Partner. A high level of team competence and an individual approach allows to find a solution in any situation. You can get additional information by filling out the form at the link

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