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Qlik Data Streaming


The need to quickly respond to events and make decisions is especially important for today’s business. Users are interested in working with data as it occurs. Now there is an increased interest in streaming data processing technologies. This is explained by the fact that working with real-time information allows to reduce financial and operational risks, increase customer loyalty, improve the quality of customer service, etc.

Streaming data processing involves the use of special technologies focused on receiving and processing a stream of regularly updated data. Qlik Data Integration enables the efficient delivery of large volumes of real-time analytics-ready data to streaming and cloud platforms, warehouses and data lakes.

Capture data changes in real time

Qlik provides real-time data movement from source to destination. The process is guided through a graphical interface that fully automates end-to-end replication. A simplified and agentless configuration allows data scientists to configure, control, and monitor data pipelines based on Data Change Capture (CDC) technology.

Support for sources, targets, and platforms

Qlik Replicate supports multiple sources and objects, and allows to upload, ingest, migrate, distribute, consolidate, and synchronize data across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments. These include:

Monitoring and control at the enterprise level

Qlik Enterprise Manager allows to create, execute and monitor many integration tasks across distribution centers and cloud environments. This makes it easy to monitor and scale the data flow in real time through KPIs and alerts.

DataLabs is a Qlik Certified Partner. A high level of team competence and an individual approach allows to find a solution in any situation. You can get additional information by filling out the form at the link

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