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Using Qlik promotes effective financial management


Business success depends largely on the work of the finance, accounting and reporting departments. The information provided by these departments must be accurate, reliable and in real time. Qlik helps to solve such tasks as reducing costs, managing risk, increasing profits, increasing transparency of processes and others. The main Qlik’s mission is to transform disparate financial and accounting data into powerful financial analytics.

Cost management

Company expenses optimization is possible due to the unification of disparate data and the provision of more complete and accurate information. It contributes to a deeper study of data on costs, purchases, contracts, which allows you to identify new ways to optimize business activities.

Financial analysis and planning

Qlik provides professionals with sophisticated analytics for forecasting, planning, and budgeting.

Benefits management

The list of financial management tasks includes monitoring income and profit indicators to maintain the company’s financial balance. Qlik’s advanced analytics greatly simplifies this task with improved cash cycle and balance sheet visualizations.

Risk assessment and regulatory compliance

With Qlik tools it is possible to solve complex challenges related to risk and regulatory compliance. These tools provide financial professionals with access to aggregated data from multiple sources to effectively align governance with business priorities, make informed decisions, mitigate risk, and prevent fines and fraud.

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