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What is Self-Service BI?


Development is taking place in all areas. So, the rules and methods of doing business have changed a lot. Business users must quickly access the data they need. This will allow them to keep up with the dynamically changing business environment and maintain their position in the market.

Some time ago, in order to get insights from data, users had to contact IT departments. Such a process was lengthened by waiting, request processing, clarifications, etc. Such a long process made received information irrelevant. On the other hand, many people didn’t use data in the decision-making process, because they didn’t have special knowledge and skills to work with them. Choosing intuition as the main argument, you can make mistakes, make an inefficient decision. Nowadays, this is an unacceptable luxury for every company.

Now it is important to be a company with the status of information literate and data-driven. Optimize data access with easy-to-use analytics applications. It is also important to introduce a staff training process to improve their information literacy.

Self-Service BI is the ability for business users to independently explore data, draw conclusions, create dashboards and reports without the participation of IT specialists, business analysts and data scientists. Self-service business intelligence involves giving employees access to information, which will help them make informed decisions, regardless of their analytics skills.

Benefits of Self-Service BI:

Recommendations for the successful Self-Service BI implementation:

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