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KPI-dashboard to achieve business goals


Key performance indicators (KPIs) are measures of a company’s performance that help achieve its strategic and operational business goals. Using these indicators it is possible to assess the current state of the business and the success of the strategy implementation, monitor employees activity, departments and the business as a whole, make effective decisions and move forward at a strategic level.

The KPI dashboard displays key performance indicators using interactive charts and graphs. This provides a fast and easy data workflow. Modern dashboards allow users to efficiently explore and analyze data, find the information they need, and get answers to business questions. Dashboards, by transforming large sets of business data into accessible and understandable information, help to improve business operations as a whole.

Each dashboard is unique and can be customized to users’ needs to detail the necessary information. However, there are 4 main categories of KPI dashboards:

Benefits of KPI dashboards:

To create a KPI dashboard it is necessary to:

Key principles for creating a KPI dashboard:

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