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Qlik optimizes HR workflow


People are the main source of success for any business. The main HR professionals’ task is to maximize this resource value through a deep understanding of staff performance and predicting changes impact.

Analytics has never been the primary tool for HR professionals. However, they possess a large data amount that can be effectively used to develop business strategy and make decisions. Qlik HR analytics allows to effectively use data, hire the right people, provide them with a favorable climate and conditions for work and business prosperity in general.

Talent acquisition

Modern business requires modern approaches in everything, including in the recruitment process. Qlik Analytics helps to modernize and automate the talent acquisition process specifically:

Education and development

Another task of HR specialists is to provide conditions for the development of each team member. With the help of Qlik analytics, they can accomplish the following tasks:

With Qlik tools, HR professionals have the ability to combine data from the LMS, performance management system, and other employee data sources to create a holistic view of performance. This allows:

DataLabs is a Qlik Certified Partner. A high level of team competence and an individual approach allows us to find a solution in any situation. You can get additional information on the project by filling out the form at the link

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